How to take your goals from dream to reality?

Let’s get inspired from Marianne & Gal. When Marie was young she was just like other kids filled with dreams for the future. As she grew up she started to become more realistic and followed the conventional path by studying and juggling between two jobs, likes grownups are supposed to do. Very soon, she got […]

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How to take control of our life and relationship? (part I)

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe things are meant to be?

Maybe there is such thing as destiny. But the question is do you want to live your life passively, submit passively to events happening or do you want to be in control and design your life the way you want it to be?

If you answer is taking control then keep reading because there is good news.

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Faith in love

Do you think that fairytales exist only in movies? Well, you might change your mind after reading the story of Marie and Jake, an inspiringly happy travel couple blogger.

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The 21 day relationship program

The 21 day relationship program to bring a long-lasting positive energy for a great 2019 Click here to download the program.

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We are on the same boat

Have you ever blamed your partner for not preparing the breakfast, doing the laundry or taking out the trash as many times as you did? Or have you had the feeling you are always doing the first step, making more efforts and compromising more? Countless relationship problems come from perceptions of unfairness. It may be about responsibility, […]

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Fight smarter

When in a relationship there will inevitably be fights. But don’t you think that life is too short to fight? So how can we avoid some fights or at least fight smarter? […] you happen to fight over small things like socks lying on the floor? Probably yes. The first thing to do is to actually recognise the real issue underneath the surface.

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Why compromises are not healthy?

If it feels like meeting each other halfway and being both half happy, making concessions, settling for less than what we desire, it cannot be healthy. [ …] Compromises and sacrifices are not demonstrations of love. [ …] Let your love be a source of growth and empowerment and not a cage.

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How to find balance in your relationship?

How to find balance in your relationship?

Let’s get inspired from a successful, happy and fulfilled Swiss couple blogger who travels the world under the motto “every day is a good day”.

Every day literally means for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they work, live and travel together.

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Mine the gab between your perception

Why do we sometimes seem to live in different worlds and why do we seem to live different experiences while going through the same situation?

The answer is perception.

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Positive energy

Find out here how to reverse the situation and spread positive energy.
Your relationship will grow stronger, you will feel happier and more fulfilled.

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